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City of Buenos Aires

plaza del congreso y estatua del pensador, buenos aires

Plaza del Congreso y Estatua del Pensador,
de Fabián Minetti.

caminito street, la boca, buenos aires

Caminito (Street), La Boca, Buenos Aires

tango dancers, by jenny mealing

Tango in Buenos Aires, by Jenny Mealing

The Great Gate and the Domains of Gauchos

Buenos Aires, the global metropolis and open city lying on the banks of the Río de la Plata, is a place where tango, literature, the best food, music, films, theatre, shopping tours, football, and nightlife converge.

With its mixture of European-style appeal and Latin feeling, at the “Star City” on the banks of the Río de la Plata everything is possible, at all times. You can learn how to dance tango, which with its close embrace is the purest expression of the melancholy felt by those immigrants who developed it over a century ago next to the ships that had brought them from Europe. You can also enjoy its amazing cultural offer in its museums, public parks, exhibition centers, historical neighborhoods, and great stages.

At the peak of its local fashion and design boom, the city proposes not only a wide variety of shopping opportunities just as any other large capital does, but also several itineraries dedicated to antiques and to avant-garde objects, to style as well as state of the art furniture, to handicrafts and to the creations by young artists.

The best food, led by meat-based dishes but also including cuisines of Italian, Spanish, Jewish, Eastern roots, or from other ethnic origins, goes hand in hand with other entertainment which, in Buenos Aires, as a Latin city, includes football as a must which might even be classified as one of the fine arts.

  • Accommodation. Over 480 hotels holding 56,400 beds. There are a variety of categories, from modest bed and breakfasts and hostels to luxurious hotels.
  • Means of transport. There are over 32,000 taxis. The bus (called “colectivo”) is a fast and economic service and there are over 100 lines running all around the city. Also, there are 5 lines of subways.
  • The shopping areas: Florida Street, Santa Fe Avenue, and the following neighborhoods: Belgrano, Palermo Viejo and Palermo Hollywood. There are 9 malls in the city.
  • In some areas, the distinguishing feature is the cuisine, such as Puerto Madero, Recoleta Las Cañitas, and Palermo Viejo. In Buenos Aires, dinner is served late at night, from 9.30 PM until well past midnight. In general, it is cheaper to eat out at noon.
  • There are approximately 169 theatres of all sizes and 207 movie theatres including those that are located in the malls. Along Corrientes Avenue, you will find the main circuit.
  • The Colón Theatre has proven to be the stage for outstanding opera stars ever since 1908.
  • On Saturdays, Sundays and Business Holidays, craftsmen display their booths in parks and squares, one of the most remarkable ones being the San Pedro Telmo Fair.
  • You can’t miss Caminito Street, the colorful heart of La Boca neighborhood, where Boca Juniors’ “La Bombonera” football stadium stands out.

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